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Dial A Sermon

The York Circuit has set up a new service called Dial A Sermon.

If you can’t get to a service, or don’t have access to online services, you can now listen to an audio recording of their most recent readings and sermon using your own telephone.

How to Use Dial A Sermon

Pick up your telephone and dial the York number:

01904 948409
  1. There will be a short welcome message,

  2. Then a silent delay of about 20 seconds,

  3. Before the audio recording will start to play.

The recording will usually last around 10 to 15 minutes, and you can hang up at any time.


Please Note: You will be charged for the phone call as to a standard UK landline, at the rate set in your phone package.

Such calls are often within any monthly “inclusive minutes” allowance you might have. Otherwise, you should check how much your phone company charges you for calls to UK landlines.


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