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Easter 2022 Reflective Space

On Saturday 16th April, between 2pm and 4pm, we’re having a time with the opportunity for you to sit quietly in the church Sanctuary and reflect on the Easter story.

Poster advertising the Reflective Space for Easter 2022, with information described in this article.

There’ll be some objects and interactive activities to help guide your reflection. Feel free to use any of these as you wish, or simply sit in the quiet of the space.

(A copy of the guidance booklet can be found below for you if you’re not able to come along but would like to join in.)

You’re more than welcome to use the whole of the space to pray, meditate or spend time with God in a way that makes you comfortable. Please respect the space of the people around you — if a table is full, wait quietly for a place to become free.

We’ll also have a leaflet available which will give you some ideas on how to spend your time. At 3:45pm Lydia will lead a short service, which will conclude and wrap up the time of reflection.

Lydia Harrison

Get the Guidance Booklet

Easter 2022 Reflective Space
Download PDF • 811KB


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