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HOPING Street Kitchen’s Refugee Ration Challenge

Logo of HOPING Street Kitchen

One of the charities we supported with our Scarecrow Festival this year is HOPING Street Kitchen. This June they are doing even more than the meals they usually provide to those in need.

Helen Meadows of HOPING writes…


We are a street kitchen providing hot meals and support to anyone in need, including newly arrived refugee families in York.

We’ve spoken to a number of Syrian refugees who describe living in the camps in Jordan for years before finally settling in York. Their relief is palpable.

We want to show them we support all refugees, here and elsewhere, get access to food and essential supplies through the work of Concern Worldwide UK. So…

At the end of June, for a week we will be eating only the rations given to a Syrian refugee in one of the camps.

It’s not much.

Would you consider sponsoring a member of our team in this challenge? If you’d like to do so, please go to this web page:

All money raised will go to help those fleeing persecution and war around the world.

Thank you so much! x

Helen Meadows

HOPING Street Kitchen


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