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Home Groups’ Studies: Lent 2021 Study Course

Updated: Mar 19, 2021

This Lent we invite you to join with us, in house groups or individually, in following our study course Woven — A Lent Course, produced by the London District of the Methodist Church.

Three copies of the study booklet "Woven — A Lent Course"

This material forms part of Woven, the London District theme for 2019–2021. Woven centres on the power of storytelling to transform and renew us in our lifelong discipleship as followers of Christ.

An Introduction from the London District Chairs

Lent is a season during which we reflect on our personal relationship with God and on every Christian’s responsibility to engage with the world as it is. We notice again God’s prompting to move on from personal reflection, through shared study, towards lives of love in action. We remember that Jesus travelled a journey from his baptism, through the wilderness and beyond, to a ministry of teaching and healing, of challenging injustice and of holding the powerful to account. We will remember the cost that Jesus paid for standing up for those who were most vulnerable and we will look towards the eternal hope that lies beyond the sacrifice.

Michaela Youngson, Jongi Zihle, Nigel Cowgill

The Lent 2021 Study Course Booklet

2021 Lent - Woven - A Course for Lent
Download PD • 1.40MB

If you would prefer to receive a hard copy of the booklet, please email and request one.


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