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News Sheet: 10th October 2021

Updated: Oct 27

Carecent Lunch Pack Project Pick-up

Tuesday next week (12th) is the date of our next pick-up for the Carecent Lunch Pack Project. If you're able to donate some groceries to help this excellent project please pop them into the boxes by Dave Sleet's house from Saturday, and by 5pm on Tuesday.

See the News Sheet for the sort of things they need and Dave's address.

Marriage and Relationships Discussions

Rory writes about the God in Love Unites Us report — There are two more opportunities to discuss the report and comment on all that it says about marriage and relationships at 4pm and 7pm this Sunday (10th October). Check the News Sheet for details.

Operation Orphan Collection

A reminder about the one chance we have to send in anything already gathered for Operation Orphan on 13th October — see the News Sheet for when and where.

Advent Planning

And for the following Sunday (17th) there's an invitation from Lorraine to have a chat after the Sunday service about planning for Advent and what sort of things we should be doing this year: balancing between doing it really well and being gentle with ourselves.

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