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News Sheet: 11th April 2021

The Community Tree of Hope

We are going to display a Community Tree of Hope in the porch windows of the church, from Friday 16th April. We would love it if you could join with us in celebrating all that we hope for in the coming days, by making some ‘blossom’ to add to the tree, naming whatever it is that you are looking forward to.

Please see the News Sheet, or our article on The Community Tree of Hope, for details on how to join in!

God’s Wonderful World — a Photo Gallery

Our Inspiring Photos: God’s Wonderful World gallery, created as part of the Show the Love campaign about climate change, is now complete.

Showing beautiful photos from our local area as the cold bleakness of Winter turns into the warmth and joy of new life in Spring — reminding us over Easter of the dark days of Jesus’ Crucifixion turning into the joy of his Resurrection and His gift of new life to us.

Gift Aid Year End

The Gift Aid logo, reading "Gift Aid It".

We’re approaching the time when the church has to submit this year’s claim for Gift Aid. Gift Aid brings in a substantial amount of money for the church by letting us reclaim the income tax on people’s giving.

If you’re eligible for Gift Aid (generally this means paying Income Tax) but haven’t yet filled in a form, or have changed your name or address since completing a form, please contact us.

Please see our Giving With Gift Aid article, or the News Sheet, for more details.

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