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News Sheet: 13th June 2021

Updated: Jul 9

Can You Help RAY?

Logo of RAY (Refugee Action York)

Might you be able to give RAY (Refugee Action York) a helping hand?

  • The men Refugee Action York have been working with for the last year are likely to be moved on fairly soon and several of them have been asking us for suitcases/bags with wheels or rucksacks to put their belongings in. If you have a case or bag that’s surplus to requirements it would be very gratefully received!

You can find more details about how to help with this in the News Sheet.

Quiztian Aid Quiz

The Quiztian Aid Quiz is available on YouTube for you to enjoy! We’re raising money to support Christian Aid, so if you’re able to make a donation it would be wonderful. But if not, please feel free to enjoy the quiz anyway!

You can find more details in our Quiztian Aid: a Quiz for Christian Aid article.

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News Sheet 2021-06-13
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