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News Sheet: 18th July 2021

Accreditation Service

On Sunday 18th July, at 4pm, Liz Spain will be recognised as a fully accredited local preacher in a circuit service in our church. Rev Philip Turner will be preaching, and depending on numbers there may be room for a good few congregation members to be there.

Please contact Rory as soon as possible if you’d like to attend the service at the church building in person.

From around 5pm onwards we’ll be gathering on Ethel Ward Playing Fields in lieu of refreshments in the building. Anyone is welcome to come along and say their goodbyes to the Spain family. Bring a flask, a cold drink, a chair or a blanket if you like, and we’ll gather responsibly with Liz and each other.

School Uniform Bank

A child wearing school uniform

Remember that the School Uniform Bank is coming soon, on the 27th and 30th July!

You’ll be able to pass on good quality school uniform you don’t need any more and then pick up a bigger size for your little darlings — All free of charge, so you can save a bit of money and you get to be all environmentally friendly too. This is for all three primary schools in the villages and the Joseph Rowntree School.

Not got any to drop off? That’s totally fine! Come along to pick up a new set anyway.

  • Drop-off Day: Tuesday 27th July 10am–4pm — Please bring along your children’s outgrown clothes: good quality uniform, PE kit and school shoes.

  • Collection Day: Friday 30th July 10am–4pm — Come along and collect the next size up.

So please start putting your children’s outgrown uniform to one side for us and bring them along on 27th July.

For more details, including times and location, please see our School Uniform Bank news article.

Plastic Free July

As you have probably noticed in the news, this year is a big year for the environment because the UK is hosting the Climate Summit in Glasgow in November.

Logo of Plastic Free July 2021 inviting people to join the challenge of reducing their use of plastics in July.

As a church, we take the care of God's creation seriously and we’d like to encourage everyone in our community to do their bit. In the church porch there will be a promotion of Plastic Free July which challenges people to find simple ways to reduce their plastic use. You can do as little or as much as you like.

You can find out more in our Plastic Free July news article, along with some ideas on how to get started.

We’ll also be posting top tips every day in July to the church’s Facebook page.

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