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News Sheet: 20th June 2021

Updated: Jul 9

School Uniform Bank

A child wearing school uniform

Remember that the School Uniform Bank is coming soon, at the end of July!

You’ll be able to pass on good quality school uniform you don’t need any more and then pick up a bigger size for your little darlings — All free of charge, so you can save a bit of money and you get to be all environmentally friendly too. This is for all three primary schools in the villages and the Joseph Rowntree School.

Not got any to drop off? That’s totally fine! Come along to pick up a new set anyway.

So please start putting your children’s outgrown uniform to one side for us and bring it along in July.

For more details, including times and location, please see our School Uniform Bank news article.

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News Sheet 2021-06-20
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