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News Sheet: 25th April 2021

Updated: Apr 29

The Community Tree of Hope

We are displaying a Community Tree of Hope in the porch windows of the church, from Friday 16th April. People have been making ‘blossom’ to add to it, naming who they are looking forward to seeing, or what it is that they are looking forward to being able to do, as restrictions ease.

Churches Together: Christian Aid Service

St. Mary’s Church is hosting the Christian Aid Service at 6:30pm on 9th May, with the subject Climate Change. See the News Sheet for further details…

Aroma is Reopening Soon!

Aroma is planning to reopen very soon and the staff and volunteers are looking forward to welcoming everyone back. You can find more details in our news article Aroma is Reopening Soon.

The (provisional!) key dates are:

  • Tuesday 4th May — Aroma staff will be returning to do a deep clean and receive deliveries ready for the reopening (but Aroma won’t be open to customers yet);

  • Thursday 6th MayAroma will reopen with its outdoor tables and for takeaways, but with reduced hours of 9:00am to 2:00pm initially;

  • Monday 17th MayAroma will resume indoor service and its normal opening hours of 9:00am to 4:00pm.

Get the News Sheet

News Sheet 2021-04-25
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