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Sunday Afternoons at the Church

Updated: May 20

We are delighted to say that the church building is open again for quiet reflection and prayer in the late afternoon, between 5pm and 6pm on Sundays.

The numbers allowed remain limited, though when someone leaves we are able to reuse their seat during the hour once it’s been cleaned.

Initially it will be open for quiet reflection and prayer: as individuals or in households.

But, from Sunday 6th June, the afternoon opening will include a short service at 5:30pm led from the front. Unfortunately we remain unable to sing or take holy communion in any meaningful way.

At some point we might need some form of booking system. But for now, as for Autumn 2020, we’re going to be led by the demand as people arrive to make use of the church and sit safely in the company of others.

On your arrival:

  • The church will be open for an hour on Sunday afternoon between 5pm and 6pm.

  • There are a number of seats available in the chapel for quiet reflection and prayer. You are welcome to use of one of them for as long as seems right to you. The seats will be available from 5pm on a first-come first-served basis, and you can arrive any time in the hour. You do not need to tell us that you are coming.

  • Masks need to be worn at all times inside the building. If you are exempt for any reason please discuss this with the person welcoming you at the front door.

  • The ramp entrance to the front porch will be the only entrance in use. Should you need to wait for others to enter before you, please do so respecting social distancing regulations.

  • On entering, you will be greeted and asked a few simple questions about COVID‑19 symptoms. If the answer to any of these is “Yes” then, as per Government guidelines, please do not enter the building:

  1. Do you have any symptoms of COVID-19 — fever, new repetitive cough, or change to sense of smell or taste?

  2. Are you in a social bubble/household with anyone who is currently displaying COVID‑19 or is self-isolating due to suspected COVID‑19?

  3. Have you been advised by NHS Track and Trace to self-isolate as a precaution to prevent the spread of COVID‑19?

  • If you are using the NHS Track and Trace App, you will be able to scan the QR code unique to the church as you enter. Hand sanitiser will be available.

  • You may then go into the chapel, and take a seat. The chairs are individual and spaced out.

  • If you arrive with members of your household or support bubble you may sit together.

  • No conversation may take place within the building beyond simple greetings at a safe distance.

  • There will be a contact tracing slip for you to complete with a pen provided. Please fill this in and leave it on the seat when you go.

While you’re there:

There will be a written guide to help you in your praying and reflecting, if you’d like to use it. Quiet music playing during the hour, but no singing is allowed under the regulations we must abide by.

When you’re ready to leave, you must do so through the doors to the Hub and exit using the side door and ramp down the side of the church.

Some toilets will be available. If you use one, you will need to exit the building via the Hub and return through the front porch entrance.

When you leave:

Remember to leave your completed contact tracing slip on your chair, and to leave via the Hub and its side door.

We will clean the seat you used so it can be reused by someone else.

We will be opening the church like this each Sunday from 9th May. It’s what we can do right now and a start. We hope this is good news for those of you who would like very much to be back inside the chapel.

We look forward to seeing you!


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