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A couple in church, admiring their young baby at a baptismal service

Baptisms and Thanksgivings

Often the first contact a family will have with the church is through bringing their child to be baptised. It is important that those involved with the baptism reassure the family of a warm, friendly, relaxed and welcoming environment, where children are free to be themselves.

A Baptism:

  • looks to the future and makes promises

  • is a Church celebration — welcoming someone into the life of the Christian community and commitment to follow Christ

  • is a special moment set in the context of the church’s worship

  • is for all ages — infants, children, teenagers and adults

Our Children and Families Worker, Lorraine Jones, has made a short video about baptism, which you can watch on our Children and Young People page.

For more information or to discuss holding your child’s special service at our church, please contact Lorraine, whose contact details are below.


Phone: 07850 631168 (Lorraine Jones)

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