Our support for children, young people and families

Nurturing and loving relationships are at the heart of our work with young people and their families.  


Because of COVID-19 restrictions, many of our groups aren’t meeting at present.

Please check our Calendar for details of any which are.

What’s Happening

Nurturing and loving relationships are at the heart of our work with young people and their families.  By getting to know one another, we can work out how best to support and care for them. It is summed up in our Children, Youth and Families Vision:


To inspire children, young people and their families:

  • To discover faith and grow as followers of Jesus Christ

  • For the whole of life in a changing world

  • As part of a loving and serving church family

We strive to be as welcoming and inclusive as possible and we recognise that this will look different to different people. So please contact me at any time.

Lorraine Jones, Family Ministry Coordinator at HWMC

Lorraine Jones

Family Ministry Coordinator

Email: families@hwmc.org.uk

Mobile:  07910 083965


Get Involved

Young Church Community Action

Our young church has always had a heart for reaching out to our community and for making our world a better place. This is something we can do without the need for a building. We have a year of activities to come - both planned and ad hoc. Watch this space.

Monday Monkeys

Monday Monkeys is a group for babies and preschool children to play in a safe and friendly environment alongside their parents, grandparents and carers. We are open every Monday morning in term time between 10am and 11:30am. The £1 charge per child includes a drink and biscuit for children and adults.


We have a huge range of activities and crafts for the children to do, lots of games and toys to play with, and a song time at the end. Our volunteers are warm, friendly and welcoming and always want to make sure your experience is a good one.

We will re-open as soon as COVID-19 guidelines allow.

A child decorates gingerbread people at the Tuesday Night Troup (TNT) at HWMC.
Cartoon image of some dynamite, from which the Tuesday Night Troop at HWMC gets its TNT name.

TNT — Tuesday Night Troop

TNT is a lively group for children aged 5-10 which runs on the first Tuesday of the month 6-7pm. Each session we have around 20 children who are committed and often bring their friends.


We explore the Bible in fun and creative ways, do lots of varied activities but always have hot chocolate and marshmallows! ​We are looking at doing this a little differently in the future. Watch this space.

Mental Health and Resilience

We offer support through pastoral care and a range of initiatives such as children's self-esteem and resilience courses (Little Miss Unique and Man-Made) and a “back to school resilience pack.” We will also be offering short videos and activities on the Church’s YouTube channel. Contact our Families Worker if you would like to know more.

Download our free workbook:

Bring It On – Adapting to Change and Building Resilience

Children's dressing up clothes, used for drama presentations performed by HWMC's Open The Book group.

Open the Book

Once a fortnight, we take the Bible into our local primary schools and bring it to life. The children love to see and be involved in the dramas and they walk into their assembly time with their hands already up to volunteer.


Sharing the stories this way is incredibly powerful and the children remember them years later. Open the Book will be returning soon but looking a little bit different.

Faith at Home

The key influence on whether a child comes to faith is their family –  Eeek! No pressure! Living out our faith at home can be a daunting prospect. Finding time when there are so many other pressures on family life is difficult.


To give you a starting point, we provide small packs with lots of ideas for conversation starters and activities that you can build into your family life in a way that suits you. Just drop us a line if you’d like to sign up for a pack — families@hwmc.org.uk

Baptisms and Thanksgivings

Talk to our Families Worker about holding your child’s special service in our Church. Talk to Lorraine on 07910 083965 or email her at families@hwmc.org.uk

Logo of the York Methodist Circuit's One X Youth Group, which teenagers at HWMC can join and be a part of.

One X Youth Group

This is the York Circuit based Youth Group (age 10–16) which allows our young people to be part of something bigger. When we can meet physically, the format is to meet, have something to eat and explore life, faith and what it means to be a Christian in today’s world. As well as having a huge amount of fun in the process – pizza making, games, bowling, trampolining, just for starters!


The activities are driven by what the young people want to do. Oh, and, very importantly, there is rather nice hoodie that comes with it! For the foreseeable future, this group meets online on Fridays 5:00pm – 6:00pm

Logo of the York Methodist Circuit's One Opportunity Internship, which young adults at HWMC can join and be a part of.

One Opportunity Internship

Naturally following on from One X, the one opportunity allows 16-23 year olds the chance to explore their calling within the church in a more formal role. It is a year long paid internship, for 12 hours per month. As part of the role, the young person may have a project to complete within their own church. They are also encouraged to attend weekends away with the other interns to explore their faith and calling further and make good friendships with the other interns. The help needed with this will depend on the project.