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Open the Book logo: three people dressed as a shepherd, Wise Man and washerwoman all standing on an open book representing the Bible.

Open the Book

We all love a good story don’t we? We despair with a hero as they hang off the edge of a cliff or we grab the tissues at a soppy happy ending. The Open the Book team of storytellers know the power of a good story.

We go into the local schools every other Tuesday to bring a Bible story to life by acting it out. The children and teachers engage with the story and we have them laughing out loud at our antics, and sometimes we have moments where you can hear a pin drop! Stories create an emotional response; when you create an emotional response you remember the stories.

We take in props and costumes and get as many children involved as we possibly can. The schools love and value what we do; the teachers often add their own thoughts or link the story to something they may have seen in schools that week, which really brings home the point of the story.

Open the Book comes under the umbrella of the Bible Society, a known and trusted organisation. The programme is Ofsted approved, which gives teachers reassurance.

Find out more about the Open the Book team and our work:

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