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Eco Church • Reuse

July 2024

Are you looking to live more sustainably? We’ll post some easy ways to help you do it.

The words "Zero Waste" resting on a bed of green leaves.

Last time I introduced other actions we could take before we think about recycling. We talked about reducing — how we can tweak what we do already to have less of an environmental impact.

Now we are going to turn our attention to Reuse.



Once you have decided you can’t avoid buying a product (of course there are many things that fall into that category) and you have bought the item that you think has least environmental impact, you can then try to use it as many times as possible.

Whether it’s the latest fashion or upgrading your electronic device or anything else — get the maximum use out of it as possible rather than changing it every season.

Once it’s no good for its intended purpose, can you use it for anything else?

Passing on outgrown children’s clothes, using old T-shirts for rags, yoghurt pots for plant pots, upcycling an old dresser, etc, etc. The internet is full of excellent ideas.

Lorraine Jones Local Pastor


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