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Eco Church • Recycling and other ‘Re’ actions

May 2024

Are you looking to live more sustainably? We’ll post some easy ways to help you do it.

The words "Zero Waste" resting on a bed of green leaves.

As I write this it is Global Recycling Day. This is often the first thing people jump to when trying to be a bit more Eco-conscious. While recycling and buying products have important places in promoting a circular and more sustainable economy, they’re actually quite a way down the list of actions to take.

The energy you don’t use is always the cheapest and best!

There are other steps to consider before buying something and later recycling it — you have still bought the product, which takes a lot of energy and resources to produce, and then it takes more energy and resources to recycle.

We’ll look more closely at these steps in this post and the ones to come over the next few months.



First comes Refuse — The energy you don’t use is always the cheapest and best!

We’ve all had to watch the electricity meter in the last year or two, but there’s energy in those unnecessary purchases or plastic bags we get with our stuff.

Can we give birthday gifts that are less ‘energy intensive’ and more about memories?

Perhaps a promise of a picnic in the park or a cinema trip for example?

How can we find ways to not buy as much that needs recycling in the first place?

Lorraine Jones Local Pastor


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