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God’s Wonderful World — We Want Your Photos!

After the hustle and bustle of the run-up to Christmas and New Year, January always seem to me to be a “dark” month. And, whilst February has afternoons that are getting lighter, my mind always thinks of it a “cold” month — as 2021 has shown yet again!

Yet, whilst out for my daily walk, there are glimpses of the promise that Spring is on the wayHellebores (Christmas Roses) are flowering, even whilst half-buried in snow; Snowdrops delicately bobbing their white flowers in the blast of the icy wind; the green shoots of Daffodils, surely the most anticipated herald of Spring, erupting from the soil and growing almost visibly day by day.

Lean down close and see the beauty of the snowdrop’s flower.

Gently raise it to glimpse the marvellous detail of its normally hidden inner petals: secret beauty, tucked away and shown only to the observant.

Examine a snowflake as it lands on your coat: glistening in fragile beauty for a moment before melting away. And the delicate detail of ice crystals: frozen on grasses, edging dark leaves, shining on spiders’ silken webs.

Even in the cold depths of Winter there is beauty, and the promise of life to come.

A Gallery of Photos

Would you help us create a gallery of photos from around our area, showing the beauty and wonder of God’s Creation?

When you’re out for a walk, or perhaps whilst enjoying our Prayer Walk 5 – An Environmental Prayer Walk, would you take a few photos and send the best in to us?

We’ll use them to create a gallery here on our website to remind us of the beauty and wonder of our world, which God has created — even tiny, hidden details such as in the heart of the snowdrop’s flower.

But with Climate Crisis things are changing. Flowers blooming in different months; changing weather patterns; more extreme weather conditions.

As Christians we need to be mindful of God’s Creation, and care for our wonderful world.

So please also look out for anything special that you see — something which makes you pause, appreciate, and inspires you to take action to care even more for our world.

Take a photo of it and send that in as well, so we can inspire and encourage each other.

Mike B.

How to Send Us Your Photos

Please email your photo(s) to us at

Send them in by 21st March, which will give us time to complete the gallery by Easter — the time we celebrate the Resurrection of our Lord, and the new life we have in Him.

It would be lovely if, for each one you send, whereabouts it was taken or why it’s special to you.

Please make sure you don’t include people in the photos you send in, otherwise we might not be able to use them.

To give you some ideas, keep checking our gallery as it develops over the coming weeks.

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