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School Uniform Bank 2023

Children always seem to have growth spurts at really inconvenient times.

“You’ve outgrown your uniform? AGAIN?!”

It can get a bit pricey too, so we thought we’d try to help.

We’re setting up a School Uniform Bank at the Methodist Church again, so you can pass on good quality school uniform you don’t need any more and then pick up a bigger size for your little darlings — All free of charge, so you can save a bit of money and you get to be all environmentally friendly too. This is for all three primary schools in the villages and the Joseph Rowntree School.

It’s all happening in the first week of the summer holidays!

So please start putting your children’s outgrown uniform to one side for us and bring it along in July. If you have any questions please contact Lorraine Jones on 07850 631168 or email her at

Drop-Off Days

Please bring along your children’s outgrown clothes: good quality uniform, PE kit and school shoes:

  • Wednesday 26th July 2023, 9:30am–4pm — to our Methodist Church here in Haxby, or

  • Monday 17th July – Wednesday 26th July 2023, 9am–4pm — at Aroma Coffee Shop in Haxby

Pick-Up Day

  • Saturday 29th July 2023, 10am–3pm — Come along to the Methodist Church to collect the next size up and enjoy a cuppa and cake! It’s free, with any donations received going to Refugee Action York.

Not got any to drop off? That’s totally fine! Come along to pick up a new set anyway.

Fancy a New Volunteering Opportunity?

There are all sorts of different ways you can help, like sorting out and meeting and greeting. Contact Lorraine to have a chat and join our friendly team!


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