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Welcome to Haxby and Wigginton Methodist Church

Our church seeks to be a beacon in the local community for faith in Jesus Christ, and love and service to all.

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School Uniform Bank (16x9).jpg

School Uniform Bank 2024

Drop-off Day 9:30am–4pm Wednesday 24th July

Pick-up Day 10am–2pm Saturday 27th July


With School Uniform Bank you can pass on good
quality school uniform you don’t need any more
and pick up a bigger size for your little darlings — FREE!

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Looking from the front of HWMC, showing the congregation on the lower floor and in the balcony.

Sundays, 10:00am–11:00am

Sunday Worship

This service is a blend of contemporary and traditional, using a variety of media, music and musicians.
Tea or coffee are served afterwards, with the chance to chat.

Upcoming Worship, Activities and Events

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