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Lent 2022 Study and Devotional

Updated: Jan 11, 2023

This year we are using two resources on our journey through Lent to Easter and Holy Week.

A pair of reading glasses rests on an open book, next to a notepad and pen with a cup of coffee.

The first is a 6-week course on Kindness, called Extravagant Generosity and Unexpected Acts of Kindness and is written by Rev Dr David W Perry. It’s definitely worth exploring.

The other is a Devotional called Let Wisdom Speak, and is prepared by All We Can — a Methodist international development and relief organisation. You can find out more about All We Can on their website and social media:

Let Wisdom Speak is an exciting new resource to take you on your Lenten journey, as you hear the voices of incredible women from around the world. You can download it as one complete PDF file covering the whole of Lent, or as smaller individual files each covering a week.


Extravagant Generosity and Unexpected Acts of Kindness

A 6-week course on Kindness, by Rev Dr David W Perry.

Kindness Course
Download PDF • 2.97MB


Get the complete Let Wisdom Speak booklet…

AWC Lent 2022 - Let Wisdom Speak (Complete)
Download PDF • 6.27MB


Or download each week’s mini-booklet separately…

Let Wisdom Speak — Week 1

Lent begins on Wednesday 2nd March and here, in Week 1, Revds Sonia Hicks and Helen Cameron introduce the idea of Wisdom in the Bible, and CBeebies presenter Joanna Adeyinka-Burford shares something of her testimony.

AWC Lent 2022 - Let Wisdom Speak (Week 1)
Download PDF • 803KB


Let Wisdom Speak — Week 2

In Week 2, you can hear Shupikai’s story from Zimbabwe, meet the amazing Rosemary from Zubo Trust and read reflections from Revd Dr Kate Coleman, Revd Cham Kaur-Mann and Rachel Allison.

AWC Lent 2022 - Let Wisdom Speak (Week 2)
Download PDF • 963KB


Let Wisdom Speak — Week 3

In Week 3, Maritha weaves her story for you, alongside contributions from Hannah Rich from Theos, Carolyn Lawrence from MWiB and Junior from MeDRA, Zimbabwe.

AWC Lent 2022 - Let Wisdom Speak (Week 3)
Download PDF • 1.09MB


Let Wisdom Speak — Week 4

In Week 4, be challenged by Dr Selina Stone and Alison Judd, and inspired by Namugolo Sarah and Pindayi’s stories from Uganda and Zimbabwe respectively.

AWC Lent 2022 - Let Wisdom Speak (Week 4)
Download PDF • 1.35MB


Let Wisdom Speak — Week 5

In Week 5, Hilary Evans and Kate Wharton share their wisdom, you can meet Najjiba and learn how change begins with a bike in Uganda and hear Vaiter’s story about how HEFO is working with her in Nkayi, Zimbabwe.

AWC Lent 2022 - Let Wisdom Speak (Week 5)
Download PDF • 985KB


Let Wisdom Speak — Week 6

Find your voice in Week 6, as you ask God to give you the words to speak out against injustice and put wisdom into action, including reflections from Hazel in Malawi, Ruth from MWiB, Jayne from the Church of England and Sibongile in Zimbabwe.

AWC Lent 2022 - Let Wisdom Speak (Week 6)
Download PDF • 1.04MB


Let Wisdom Speak — Week 7 (Holy Week)

In Holy Week, Patience from HEFO tells us what inspires her, and you read reflections from Jill Baker, Muchanzondida and Amie Buhari.

AWC Lent 2022 - Let Wisdom Speak (Week 7)
Download PDF • 3.42MB



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