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Eco Church • Slowing down

Updated: Jan 11

January 2024

Are you looking to live more sustainably? We’ll post some easy ways to help you do it.

The words "Zero Waste" resting on a bed of green leaves.

January is the time we make New Year’s resolutions — which often end up translating as doing more, with the result that we end up giving up by mid-January (or is that just me?!).

Instead, I would encourage you to do less so you don’t end up putting extra pressure on yourself. As consumers we are encouraged to buy more, with social media and advertising we are encouraged to do more.

I intend to flip that thinking and do a bit of a ‘life edit’, taking the time to think about what I really want my life to have in it — I’m sure it will involve less ‘stuff’, instead spending more time with family and friends and doing more things that give my life meaning.

Zero Waste is not about giving everyone another list of stuff to do; it’s more about changing our relationship with the world around us and the people in it.

Lorraine Jones Local Pastor


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