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Eco Church • How do you shop?

Updated: Mar 28

October 2023

Are you looking to live more sustainably? We’ll post some easy ways to help you do it.

The words "Zero Waste" resting on a bed of green leaves.

Most of these posts have concentrated on what you do or don’t buy. This time I will offer some thoughts on how we shop…

So many of our purchases are done in a rush and on impulse. We end up buying more than we need, or presents for others they might not truly want — a large proportion of our purchases then end up in the bin or the back of the wardrobe

Of course, we have to think about our own situation and shop in a way that makes sense for us. Whichever way most works for us, I encourage you to do it mindfully and intentionally.

So many of our purchases are done in a rush and on impulse.

If you can, pause before you buy something. Ask yourself whether you or the person you are buying it for really need or want it.

It’s too easy to be lured in by advertising, promotional deals and the impulse of the moment. Buying smaller amounts locally might work best for you, or buying in bulk with fewer trips to the supermarket, or online shopping where you might reduce your risk of succumbing to a bargain!

How do you make your purchases and how can you make it work better for you, and the planet?

Lorraine Jones Local Pastor


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