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Eco Church • Plant-based? All or nothing?

Updated: Nov 30, 2023

September 2023

Are you looking to live more sustainably? We’ll post some easy ways to help you do it.

The words "Zero Waste" resting on a bed of green leaves.

It is traditionally ‘Harvest’ time, when some might naturally start to think a bit more about where our food comes from.

The increase in the price of meat and dairy might have had the same effect, too. But for many, the thought of going Vegetarian or Vegan feels like a step too far. Chill your beans though (no pun intended!), it doesn’t have to be all or nothing. Every step in the right direction helps.

  • Have one meat free meal a week, then maybe another, or just cut out red meat.

  • Try different options and keep an open mind — there is an enormous amount of choice out there now.

  • When you do have meat or dairy, make sure it not wasted and make the most of the times you do have it.

(I do a mean lentil Bolognese, though, even my fussy daughter prefers it to a mince option!)

Lorraine Jones Local Pastor


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