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What is… our Turn Up & Take Part Nativity?

Make some special memories…

Does your child want to be Mary or Joseph, but wasn’t picked?

Do you think there can never be too many Angel Gabriels?

Do you want to see people riding invisible camels?!

Why only have three Wise Men?!

Come along to our Turn Up & Take Part Nativity service!

4pm on Christmas Eve

Grab your sparkly halo, your donkey costume and join in. Or just come and watch the fun unfold!

We have lots of costumes for children — and willing/unwilling adults! — from their Open the Book assemblies at school to dress up in and take part.

Come along a little before the service starts if you want to choose one of our costumes to dress up in!

The more the the merrier. It’s great fun for everyone!

Don't worry: you’ll be shepherded into the right place at the right time.

(Participation is welcome, although not quite mandatory! 😃)

Now… Where did I park that camel…?!

A cartoon showing young children dressed up as Mary, Joseph, the baby Jesus and other people in a Nativity Service
Turn Up & Take Part!


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