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Christmas 2023

There are many gatherings and services going on over Advent and Christmas Year — some at our own church, and some in our local community of Haxby & Wigginton.

All are at Haxby & Wigginton Methodist Church unless noted otherwise.

Sunday 3rd December

Saturday 16th December

Sunday 17th December

  • 6:30pm — Carol Service

Monday 18th December

Tuesday 20th December

  • 2pm — Taketime Advent Meditation

  • 7pm — Carols at Tesco Clifton Moor

Saturday 24th December

Sunday 25th December

  • 10am — Christmas Morning Service

Wednesday 28th December

  • NO Wednesday Service

Sunday 1st January

  • 10am — New Year’s Day Sunday Service

May you have a wonderful and blessed Christmas, with the best wishes of the staff and congregation of Haxby & Wigginton Methodist Church.

A stained glass window depicting Mary and Joseph by the baby Jesus, with an angel, onlooker and animals close by.



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